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The other day I came across something that hit me hard …

“so many years of education yet nobody ever taught us to love ourselves and why it’s so important”.

Is self love really important? Don’t we forget to love ourselves while we are busy loving everyone else or running after materialistic things ?

Self love need not mean going on vacations , spending a lot of money on ourselves or living a luxurious life.

It could be just by making ourselves a priority in our day today life . Maybe be by cooking the food you love on a cozy rainy Sunday, by reading the novel you always wanted to read but never had enough time, by taking a short walk in your garden and admiring the beautiful plants, mountains, rivers in our surrounding. But above all making sure that we are paying attention to our mental as well as physical health. It is about looking after your mind, your body and your spirit, all three!

In today’s world we have neglected ourselves to such an extent that depression and mental disorder is a major illness. As an Indian, I would also like to bring to your notice that depression is a major cause for increasing suicide rate in our country. And what are we doing about it ? Nothing!! We are ashamed to come forward and talk about depression, it is seen as a stigma in the society, a person who is suffering from depression is usually called ‘mad’ ‘retarded’ ‘mental’ and so on .. so how are we supposed to tackle this issue if we are not educating ourselves or the society about it.

As one of my friend rightly says, humans never feel ashamed to talk about physical health but if it is anything about mental health.. ssshssh, you are not supposed to tell it to people. Why not ? Do we feel ashamed to tell people when we are suffering from cold , head ache or when we meet with an accident? Then, why are we so ashamed of talking about our mental health ? We need to accept it that it is just a kind of illness and not a big deal. If we can talk about HIV, Cancer then we can talk about depression and talk with people suffering from depression with a little extra love and concern. They are not the ones who should be neglected but rather the ones who should be given more attention.  Remember we can never know what is going on in other persons  mind,  how disturbed they might be with their daily schedules, with unfortunate series of events occurring in their life or maybe fed up with their whole life. One does not suffer from depression willingly, it is totally unavoidable, one has no control over it . That is why we never know what a simple ‘how are you’ ‘I care for you ‘ ‘I am there for you’ can mean to a person who is suffering from depression or who is feeling low.  Kindness is what we all talk about but how many of us are kind to people around us or  to ourselves?

That is why we need to love ourselves, we need to be happy and content with what we have. To love yourself is to be in awe of the miracle of your existence. It is to accept yourself the way you are the “good” and the “bad” cause none of us are totally black or white, all of us are shades of grey.

Loving yourself is a win-win situation. It gives  you an inner happiness, confidence and peace enabling you to make healthier choices across all areas of your life . The more you start focusing on your well being the more it will help you grow mentally , because in today’s world it is more important to be mentally fit which will later result in physical fitness as well.

“The purpose of life is not to be happy but it is to be kind and loving towards people around us and with our own selves.”

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