A Climb of Self Discovery

Trek to ‘DEO TIBBA’ a mountain in Himachal Pradesh

It was the D day and we were all saying goodbye to our well wishers back in our cities as we disconnect with our world for a week and set on an adventurous trek fully equipped to explore the Himalayas.


This was one travel experience I had actually prepared for, working out daily so that trekking becomes a little easier for me. As we start our trek, I am fully confident feeling like the lead character of Ashutosh Gowariker’s ‘Everest’ (remember that amazing show based on mountaineering that aired on Star Plus?). This show, along with some crazy friends who had prior trekking experience had actually inspired me to take up this trek.


Just five minutes of walking and we start our first steep climb and I am breathless in just a few steps, thoughts of quitting the trek come to my mind but I know I have to prove wrong the people who were of the opinion that I am physically unfit for the trek. I tell my self to be positive as ‘we’ complete the first hurdle. Yes, ‘we’, because we were told that when you trek in a group, it is always ‘we’ and not ‘I’. That’s a rule.


We then finish the first days climb motivating each other and ourselves as our local trek leaders seek blessings from the local deity while on the first day of our journey. Each day of the trek, staying away from our daily comforts, challenging and pushing ourselves beyond our self drawn boundaries and every time as we admire the beauty of the Himalayas, spot constellations in the clear dark sky full of stars sitting at the bonfire, that moment when we on the snow, in the snowfall and the peace we experienced is all worth our hard work.


After five days of our trek, as we climb down to the base camp thinking of having a nice long bath we are taking back a bundle of memories, refreshed souls, a number of life lessons, new friends and a sense of achievement. After all, what is more adventurous than doing what people say you can’t do.

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