About Us

‘Life iz crazy’ is a medium to convey our thoughts to the people in and around us. The thoughts conveyed are expressed through, what we feel. This site was published in 2017, and has been serving people by expressing true opinions.


Our Mission

Life iz crazy aims to review different aspects, places, technologies etc. for people hence empowering them with knowledge and real facts about the same.


Who We Are

We are a bunch of people in and around places observing different things happening in this world and feel the need to express our views and opinions about the whereabouts. We also state facts about the same and try to drop in a conclusion for the people to know the real dimension to every story.


What we do

We keep our eyes wide open to find out the latest and the most brilliant & mind-blowing trending, satirical, funny, inspiring, uplifting and amusing stories and news  for you from political, cultural, celebrity, sports and geeks world.