Creative heads

‘Late entry to the class gives a special feel,

only last benchers can feel it’

Being a back bencher isn’t something to be ashamed of. It is both joy and a comfort at the same time. First benchers are mixed ones. Obedient, intelligent “padaku” in short, while some consider themselves over smart and  some sit to please teachers. But sitting at the back bench, that is where real happiness is. Because from there view is always perfect, with soothing comfort. Back benchers are free to see everything happening on this earth. Yes. You all guessed it right. Using mobile phones and tabs when the professor is submerged in delivering lecture. They seem to be multitaskers. Isn’t it? If class gets boring they start drawing, takes a nap, eat snacks, always active on social networking while all the front benchers are engrossed in professors lectures. Well, there is a myth; students who look at teachers face are concentrating on their talk. Nooo… There are actually day dreamers too.


Space of this classroom, is also used by students to do makeup, hairstyling and stuff. Boys use it to play games on phones. Also homework and completing assignment by cheating the lecturers. Funny thing about this students are, they never get anxious when teachers says ‘There is a surprise test or test tomorrow’ they are cool and sweeps this test with ease. I am sure you got the hint for this statement. Hahaha.


When front benchers are busy concentrating on portion plans, this last benchers sit back and start gossiping on every student that enters the classroom. They see the watch for class to get over, but gossiping? OMG! They always fall short of time but gossiping doesn’t end. They create the best of memories. Planning trips, enjoys shopping together, enjoys travelling together, studying together on and on and on.


First benchers are assumed to be the intelligent, who mostly mug up things and wish to get higher grades, their sole purpose is only to compete with fellow classmates. But that does not mean that back bencher’s cannot make up to higher grades. Nopes. Infact, though they pass time yet study seriously during exams, have their own choices, and are always active in co.curricular activities and yet score good grades.


Friends made on this last benches are always loyal and helpful at the same time. No! I am not saying first benchers aren’t helpful. On the other hand, this backbencher friends sits in group to complete homework, assignments and projects, also they share exam notes rather being selfish about own self.


There is some direct correlation between the first bench and successful person in life/being intelligent/excellent. But that is not the case. There are some people on this planet who have achieved milestones being the back benchers for lifetime. They own the most creative heads compared to the rest in the classroom. So guys, where do you belong to?



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