Gardening is a therapy

Happiness blooms when seeds of love and joy are planted

Covid-19 pandemic, is a global health crisis of our time. As we are locked down inside our houses. It’s difficult to cope up with this crisis. Each one of us are struggling emotionally, mentally, financially. But in this situation, being positive and being calm is the need of the hour.


There are many mindful activities one can practice to be practice positivity. It develops your ability to learn to live in the present moment & being aware of where you are.We all have work stress, personal issues etc. So it’s important to center yourself, breath deeply & live the present. One can practice mindful  activities such as putting your thoughts on paper, canvas painting, being creative & other then this how about raising a houseplant? We can learn a lot from the way plant live. By the practice of this activity one can cultivate a healthy mind & learn things from the process.

Gardening makes you disconnect from the rest of the world & connect with the present. It creates a positive impact on our mental health,they say. How? Read.


1. It gives a sense of responsibility            When we put a seed to sow, till it grows big. We are responsible in their journey. We need to be patient to let them grow in a healthy manner. Just like, in a relationship overcaring, overloving, being over possessive ruins everything. Same goes with plants. Overwatering or no watering at all, not giving attention to their growth and needs ruin the plant life. So having to care for plants makes us learn to be responsible person.  In short, it makes us a great nurturer.

2. It makes us carefree person
Life is full of deadlines, submissions, targets, sale, profit-loss. Gardening is just opposite to it. There are no deadlines, targets in it. You don’t have to answer your plants or anything. It is a relaxing therapy, where you forget the rest of the world and enjoy the company of your plants.  “Flowers are restful to look at. They have no emotions or conflict.” says Freud.

3. It makes us live in the present moment
Anxiety, stress, fear ruins our present as well as future. Spending some time with nature, plants makes us stop replaying troubling memories of past, it stops us obsessing about our future.Here you just need to breath fresh air, be present & observe the life around  you. It lets us learn, overthinking about past and being anxious about future won’t do any good to us. It’s a short time where you can allow yourself to be aware of your senses. Listen,Touch, Smell, See. This time you can use positively to restore your thoughts.

4. It teaches us self control
Gardening or simply spending time with plants or nature can be a good way of gaining a self control & balance in your life. We cannot control other people’s feelings & emotions. So we tend to feel depressed. But in gardening, you can set your boundaries by yourself. You have your own control on planting, sowing, cutting etc. This can really be a satisfying therapy.

5. It teaches us how little things matters in life
When you wake up & go to your garden or the place where you have planted your babies(plants). You notice the seed that you had sown turned into a sprout. You simply wish them ‘welcome to this world.’ This really really satisfies our soul and fuel us with lot of positivity. It makes our day. It brings a genuine smile on our face as soon as we wake up from our bed. Also the first flower or the first fruit gives us an immense pleasure and satisfies our soul.



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