I’m really gonna miss this place, gonna miss my college days

College is not just a place where you’ll learn answers to a lot of life’s questions, but also a phase which will make you question a lot of life’s answers…


Oh!! College life… It’s that phase of life where your teenagerness end and you dive deep into ocean of new opportunities, exploring careers, relationships, commitments and so on. “College life” gives you all the experiences, that eventually be the real foundation of your long run life.


It’s rightly said, life is unpredictable. You can never predict what’s coming on your way. College life teaches you all the lessons that prepare you all in all for your brighter future. Coming out from school life, where you cannot skip your classes and you try to be that obedient student in front of teachers and parents, college life apparently teaches you bunk lectures when you join set of people with whom you get carried away. Life gives you experiences, it can be either good or bad, it might not interest you at all. But all in all you have to swipe through those moments challengingly.


College life is a mixture of fun and other way round total hardships. Though you bunk lectures but at the end of the day you still will be worried what has been taught in class, when are the exams, projects followed by deadlines bla bla bla…


You meet whole bunch of people right there, you interact with them, knowing their cultures and manners you grow as a person. Step by step you tend to change and get well mixed with set of people. Then there comes change in your personality. You try to improve yourself according to the circle you belong. That’s probably the transformation happening in your life.


During school days, elderly people always made efforts to tell you to study now, get good grades. Once you join college you will get ample of time to enjoy. OMG! Now we realize those words were fully fake. Because, though we get ample of time here for fun and laughter but that follows with whole lot of responsibilities about career, love life, commitments, job securities etc. etc. etc.


This phase becomes the channel of your career, dreams and innumerable paths. There are no full stops to your thoughts, dreams at this stage. You dream to have a perfect life. But my dear ones, real task begins once you come out the dreamland and actually enter the field you choose. But yes, once you say tata bye bye to the college, you definitely miss those days and crave to go back to same old days. Hostel days, bunked lectures, college katta, chai ki tapri, Xeroxed notes… damn! These things don’t have any replacement in life.


There will be moments when lecturers catch you red handed bunking classes, will give you endless so called their ‘gyan’. But remember, those words/sentiments actually remain lifelong with you.


‘Friendship’ without this word you cannot just pass out through college phase. You make friendships and, then comes pinky promises to keep those ones for lifelong. From planning road trips, movies, playing caroms and cricket, to having a long time chat and then end up arguing, all this silly fights you treasure in your heart.


College mein pyar nahi kiya toh kya kiya? Yeah, while coping with the academics, your love life enters the main gate of your heart. Yay, but not everyone is lucky enough to continue those relationships in the upcoming years of life. Some carry on with their future with one sided love in heart. Indeed it gives us lessons for life.


Years pass, one fine day when you are sitting on a dine having a sip of coffee, scrolling down gallery of your phone, those pictures full of memories leaves back a smile on your face and you blush like anything. That’s the real beauty of college life. It stays with you for lifelong even when you have forgotten names of your sweet cute crush you used to drool over. Life at college is a wild mishmash of experiences and needs to be enjoyed bit by bit.

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