Love eating while stressed??

Sneha is an obese teenage girl, she blew up not because of hormonal imbalance but due to eating a lot when stressed. She wanted to curb the habit but found herself helpless. It was a war between her and the food and it never ended. She ate a whole chocolate cake when she had an argument with her boyfriend otherwise plunge into a bowl of chips when she was mad at her mom.

Hey guys do you go through the same as Sneha…Yeah I betcha some of us go through it. We just distract ourselves with loads of food from the stress we have. Such an act is called emotional eating, its related to psychology as it  everything plays on the mind. Some might just want something sweet as it raises your energy and makes you feel good…yeah good!! While some will want fatty food that is food dipped in oil or rich in fats…like fried chicken, potato chips etc. Guys it just act like a drug. You will be thinking what am I talking about?? Drugs?? How can food be a drug?? Don’t get scared, we eat food when stressed out, we  actually just don’t eat but began hogging on to it. In real sense we are trying to distract ourselves from the actual problem and land up eating so much that we don’t realise we have eaten more than what is needed…Right!! By the time we come back to our senses its too late…our problem remains where it was but we have gained calories and added on to another problem that is health issue.

Don’t worry guys…here are few tips how you can save yourself from such a habit.

  • Deal with the stress and do not ignore it.
  • Talk to a trustworthy person and who will guide you.
  • Take up healthy activities like aerobics,zumba,yoga..this will help to refresh your mind and help you to think better. And also will keep you in shape.
  • Keep a diary where you can note down food you have eaten during day this will help you to identify unhealthy food items.
  • Practicing your hobbies like drawing,painting,dancing,music will to feel better and happier.
  • Try out new activities this will help you give you a new experience and provide knowledge.
  • Eat healthy food.
  • Enough rest is required for the body and brain. So six hours of sleep is essential..

NOTE: Once done the above do not forget the issue will not get solved you need to find a way out. This will happen when you are calm. You might fail solving your issues but loosing hopes will drown you…upgrade yourself everytime  you fail..problems are just passerbys but they teach a lot of lessons for life.

Next time when you feel stuck and food starts sucking your mind remember you are a beautiful failure which  can be turned into a remarkable success.

Happy living! Healthy living!

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