Make the most of time:Lockdown period


“There’s always light after darkness, morning after night, sun will shine again”

As the world grapples with the COVID-19 crisis, government has strictly ordered every citizen to stay safe indoors. In this uncertain time, our front hand warriors like doctors, nurses, para- medical staffs, police are doing commendable job. A big salute to their selfless duty.

Many of us feel bored sitting at our comfort zone with EAT SLEEP REPEAT routine.  We grumble for scarcity of grocery and food items, we keep doubting government efforts in curbing this issue. Some are seen breaking the rules and ignoring strict warnings of government. They move out of their house like nothing has happened, having the attitude like nothing will ever happen to them and government officials are making fool out of them.

Having a positive attitude in this health crisis is truly appreciable. But moving out of the house unnecessarily,  is not right at this moment. Our warriors are fighting hard to save us. It is our duty and responsibility to do a bit for them.  It is true, that we cannot bring back those who were victims of this COVID-19.  But only staying indoors in this lockdown period, and saving lives of your loved ones including you will make more sense.

Our life before this lockdown period was like a robot with viruses of stress, tensions, anxiety. Working 9-5 tirelessly, coming home exhausted, with no time to even appreciate the food that is being cooked in the kitchen.

Let us take this lockdown period positively. To watch those Netflix shows that you were looking forward to watch someday, to read those favorite books which were lying in our book shelf from years, to appreciate the food that is being cooked in the kitchen.

Some are working from home. It is understood that, with kids being around, things are difficult to handle. KIDS, OFFICE WORK & HOUSE CHORE  is making us go crazy. We definitely want to go out, breathe fresh air, hang out with friends and relatives but don’t want to catch up with deadly virus.

We are been told, this lockdown is for 21 days. Hold on guys! We all are aware of the condition of other states and countries. So we definitely need to prepare ourselves mentally for more days of lockdown. It might continue for another couple of days depending on how quickly we can contain the outbreak. We have no choice but to strictly follow the government orders of lockdown.

So now the choice is ours. We can either waste time grumbling and complaining or use this time wisely and make the most of it. I came across beautiful piece of lines which I would like to share here. “It’s too easy to let the hours, days and weeks fly by without doing anything constructive. Use this extra time as a gift to be proactive. Take a more challenging path and allocate your time towards productive and meaningful endeavors.”

We can try making new recipes for our kids and family, bake cakes and cookies,  read good books, help house makers with their chores, do gardening and spend some quality time with nature, do some exercise and detox the body, do paintings and needle work. This is the best time to rejuvenate yourself.  It’s time to make self-improvements, personality development & learn new innovative things which you never tried in your robotic routine.

It’s a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with your family including your grandparents, parents, kids and spouse. Today’s generation, hardly get to see their parents. They hardly have their parents around to play games with them, do their homework or serve them food of their choice. They hardly could talk their heart out to their parents because of their robotic routine. So this is the best time to get in touch with all the family members staying under one roof. Though this is really a tough time for all of us. But it is our choice to lead the life positively in this worse time and incorporate positive attitude in others too, also help the needy people, feed the stray dogs and cats so that everyone of us can fight this COVID-19 phase strongly.


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