Making The Grade

 In today’s 21st century, and in the world of technological geeks, question arises, ‘Is only academic curriculum more important which takes place in the four walls of the classroom? Does it really help student to build up his/her skills? Do only books help to develop his/her personality, self-confidence and be a responsible citizen?’


The core aim of education is to foster all round development of a child. It means physical, moral, intellectual and social development. Taking this in force,  a term was introduced called ‘co. curricular activities’. Here, main idea behind this was to encourage students to nail their skills and polish them.


Some schools mix the term and restrict the student from getting involved in activities apart from academics. Generally speaking, co-curricular activities are an extension of the formal learning experiences in a course or academic program, while extracurricular activities may be offered or coordinated by a school, but may not be explicitly connected to academic learning.


Some school doesn’t allow students to attend various competitions where a student can perform. They say its waste of time, end result will be zero, students miss the syllabus taught in class which is the loss of student. But are the teachers with this mentality completely right? Indeed student miss the syllabus but on other hand he/she is making all round development. Activities outside the four walls  indeed helps the student in learning team work, self-confidence, character building, talking firmly and confidently in group, cut off fear, helps in physical growth, be very creative etc.


Likewise to promote sports, government took an initiative of giving extra marks to the state level/national level winners which adds up in students’ academic result. Also to promote art government is taking same kind of initiative which helps the students to fill up the gap, in which they don’t have to face loss. This indeed encourages and motivates students to take part in curriculum and co. curriculum activities both at the same time.


Co. curricular activities help students to mould their lives to become well rounded people. Schools should design their activities in such a way, wherein students will not only score good marks in books and papers but also give time to his/her own likings, hobbies and show up their talents.


In a world full of machines, will you make your student ‘A robot’?


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