Ditch the beaches, visit these places on your next trip to Goa

9. Bondla wildlife sanctuary

It may be the smallest of the Goan wildlife sanctuary but it is the most popular and famous wildlife sanctuary in Goa. It spreads over an area of 8kms and is located 3000ft above the lush foothills of the Western Ghats.

In addition to the plethora of animal and plant life that one can experience within the sanctuary, there are also a number of other attractions including a zoo, deer safari park, botanical gardens and Nature Interpretation Centre.

It is located in northeastern GoaIndia in Ponda taluka.


10. Menezes braganza pereira house

Goa is home to some extremely old Heritage Portuguese Houses and many of these have existed for there for the last four centuries. These houses started getting built soon after the conquest of Goa by the Portuguese in the early 16th Century and continued almost till the time they left in 1961. Over the years many of these have disappeared while only a few have endured the test of times and live on to tell their tale to the world. One such house is the Menezes Braganza Pereira House located in the Chandor area of South Goa.

 It is known to be more than 350 years old. This mansion is the most exquisite heritage house in the countryside, the biggest in Goa and also has a Portuguese style facade. It is a museum of chandeliers, painting, porcelain, crystal, period furniture and other antique items.

Located at the Chandor Village in Goa.


11. Vintage car museum

Also known as the Ashvek Vintage world museum is Goa’s first and only vintage car museum that showcases over a dozen vintage cars sourced from Goa or neighboring areas like Kolhapur, Belagavi and Sawantwadi.

The Ashvek Vintage World museum was set up by Pradeep Naik to spread awareness about vintage cars amongst the youth. It takes up restoration and preservation of vintage cars and some of the cars restored here are in excellent working condition and can be hired out for weddings, movie shoots or simply for joy rides.

The Vidal Tempo of 1936 sourced from the Maharaja of Sawantwadi that is one of the most interesting one built as command car of the Nazi army. It is the car with two engines – the only in the world and is also the world’s first four wheel drive.


12. Selaulim dam

Selaulim Dam (also spelt as Salaulim and known as Saluli) is supposedly the biggest manmade water storage in the whole of Goa. The dam is a picturesque locale, surrounded by luxuriant greenery and is a popular picnic and party spot.

The best time to visit Selaulim Dam is during the monsoons when the skies loom with heavy clouds and the Western Ghats, which form a majestic backdrop to the dam, are clothed in mist. The lush greenery and the mist-kissed mountains with the gleaming waters make for an overwhelming sight.

To reach this dam one needs to drive around 35 kms from Margao city. You need to cross Curchorem and than reach Sanguem. It is then about 5 km from Sanguem town.


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