Tring! Tring!

Triiinngg! Triiinngg! Oh God where is my phone? Oh no, oh no. We all do panic when we cannot find our cell phones. Right? These days our phones play a vital role in our life. It is just like a family member without whom we can’t stay.

I just think twenty to twenty five years back mobile phones rarely existed or did not exist. How our ancestors did even lived? Weren’t they very desperate to contact their loved ones? We these days are always on the run to give instant replies and get anxious if we either do not reply immediately or if we do not get an instant reply from the one whom we have texted. It’s not only this much but also uploading of photos on different apps. It’s so much that we upload a video of people meeting with accidents instead of helping out; we are slowly losing our individuality and patience.

Patience is an essential ingredient which helps us to take small or big right decisions. There is a hindi saying “Josh me hosh mat khona” but the very opposite is very relevant these days. We tend to decide so quickly and end up taking the wrong decisions at times and drown in a pool of trouble.

We must have heard our parents saying “I do not know what they are doing constantly with their phones. They do not have time for other things happening in life.” Yes I too had to hear that. Looking three to four years although my phone was a boon it was a bane too. Right now I can see teenagers and young adults doing the same.  We get so engrossed with our phones that we get cut off with the present world due to the seduction caused by the videos, information, photos, different apps etc. Long usage of mobiles shoots up stress levels so much we do not understand our actions and behave wrongly.

Friends try keeping your mobile aside for few moment and turn around to see the beauty of nature and your loved ones who are desperately waiting to spend quality time with u. Try it, it gives a very good feeling.

Mobiles are required as it keeps us connected to others but at the same time we must learn to limit and control the usage of it. Stress free living, happy living

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